ALACHUA (Florida) – Officials claim that a bird species found in Australia and New Guinea killed the rancher after it fell.

On Friday, the Gainesville Sun was informed by the Alachua County Fire Rescue Department that a Cassowary bird had reportedly killed a man. Wildlife officials say that the victim was feeding the birds.

Jeff Taylor, Vice President of the United States, stated that he believes the dead man was thrown to the ground along with the bird. The incident was reported to first aid teams at 10:10 am Friday morning. They arrived on the scene. The man died despite the efforts of first aid teams.

Marvin Hajos, 75, was killed in a car accident. The county sheriff’s has opened an investigation. Lieutenant Brett Rhodenizer stated, “It appears like Marvin Hajos was killed in a tragic accident.” He said that the Cassowary bird was still at the farm.

Cassowary birds can grow to 6 feet long and weigh 130 pounds. The Cassowary bird is similar to Emus in that it has a black plumage with a brightly colored head.

According to the San Diego Zoo website, the Cassowary bird’s 4 inch claws can inflict severe damage on its enemies. Cassowary birds can travel speeds up to 31 miles an hour.

In New Guinea, the Cassowary bird can be found being eaten. These birds are preferable by people who keep exotic birds in America.

Karen Parker, spokesperson for Cassowary birds, says that owners should have had experience with the birds and provide ideal cages. Cassowary birds can inflict deadly injuries on humans.

On Saturday, wildlife officials didn’t respond to calls from The Associated Press. The bird’s fate is unknown at this time.

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