Vero Beach (WTFF). Sunday night saw a drunken Florida man arrested in the Sam’s Club parking area.

William Thompson, 57 years old, was reported to have been lying on the roadside, just like many Florida men when their drunken stupor turned into sleepy times.

According to The Miami Herald, the deputy for Indian River County Sheriff found him “disoriented and sleepy”. He spoke clearly, but he looked drunk and spoke indistinct.

The deputy saw that the angry muttering creature was agitated. The Florida man was taken to the police car. He was stumbling along the road with his bloodshot eyes trying to find the ground.

The deputy wanted to know his name.

“Fuck you asshole!” was the response.

Another officer saw the same Florida resident, just a few hours earlier, in the same parking area with an open beer can. He stopped cars marked “US Army of God of Veterinarians For the Homeless”. He was asked to move.

He was only there for a reason. He needed to sleep.

He became more belligerent and began to “undermine the public morality”, as if morality even mattered in 2018.

He was carrying a brandy open bottle and a steel reserve can.

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